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Limiting one’s exposure to mould at home or work is extremely important as people’s reactions to this fungus can vary drastically. Some may suffer only a sore throat while others may experience asthma-like symptoms and shortness of breath. Window sills, fabrics, cardboard boxes, basements, and rooms with water taps are all susceptible to excess moisture build-up. Dark spots and a musty odor indicate its presence, but unfortunately mould also thrives in locations you can’t easily see: above the ceiling tiles, inside cupboards and closets, and even behind the wallpaper and walls. Renew Air in Scarborough offers mould remediation for residential and commercial customers across Canada.

When to Act

Although mould and mould spores can be found everywhere, once detected you need to address it immediately. Obviously, people suffering respiratory conditions need to take extra precautions to avoid serious complications. Should you ever experience multiple patches in an area less than 1 square metre, or encounter returning mould even after repeated cleanings, it is advised that you call in the services of a professional crew like Renew Air. With our professional-grade products, equipment, and expertise, we will assess the source of the issue (leaks, moisture buildup), eliminate the fungus entirely (even in wood and fabrics), disinfect the location, dry and filter the air, and replace or repair any affected walls.

Know the Risks

Don’t jeopardize your health. Contact the remediation experts at Renew Air for advice and service.

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Long-term Solutions

Despite what you may have heard, household bleach is not a permanent fix for recurring mould. When you hire a professional remediation company that specializes in mould and mildew cleanup, you not only save on cleaning the mess yourself, but you are assured that the problem will be handled correctly and comprehensively to avoid any future occurrences. We even take an air sample before and after the work is completed for maximum confidence.

If you are aware of excessive mould growth in your home or place of business, please contact us right away for a beneficial free consultation.

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